тест на определение уровня

Предлагаем самостоятельно определить ваш уровень знаний английского языка. Для этого необходимо:

  • Заполнить пробелы выбрав один верный вариант;
  • Время выполнения теста 5 мин. Удачи!
1. ______________ you have a good time at the party? Yes, it was fun.
2. Are you___________English teacher?
3. Jane will meet_____________ at the station.
4. I’m going to the cinema tonight._________ you like to come?
5. ____________use your pen? Sure. Here you are.
6. I like this apartment but the __________is too expensive for me.
7. Excuse me, how do I_________ to the Library?
8. Do you sell postcards? Yes, we do. How__________ do you want?
9. Sorry I’m so late. That’s_____________ .
10. I’d like__________ juice for breakfast, please.
11. _________ a bus stop near hotel.
12. If you _________ money from a friend, you should always pay it back promptly.
13. _________ anywhere interesting recently?
14. It’s Jane`s birthday on Friday. She___________ be 40, I think.
15. Learning English isn’t as difficult__________ learning Chinese.